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Crooked Smile Janitorial Services

We are a minority owned business that has been in business since 2006.  We began in Indiana and in 2016 expanded to Florida.  We are very dedicated to providing top notch service while maintaining a professional and personable work environment.

The biggest misconception in the cleaning industry is that anyone can do it.  That is simply not true!!! It's time to hire a professional janitorial service.
We work hard to accommodate every client with what's important to them and their business.  Your company will benefit from Crooked Smile Janitorial Service's large selection of cleaning services. 
We can provide you with pre-designed cleaning programs, or design a custom tailored cleaning program that's perfect for your businesses needs and budget.  No matter the size or type business, we have you covered!
Changing cleaning companies can be a headache, so choose a company that will make your transition easier.  Experience how enjoyable it is working with a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing top notch service.   Crooked Smile Janitorial Services is a proven and preferred professional cleaning service.  Our dedication to excellence is why we are the janitorial and cleaning services that other professionals prefer.  Let us show you why.